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A torque wrench is a type of wrench, but this tool has a built-in dynamometer. Such a key will be indispensable if it is necessary to determine the quality of tightening the threaded connection. The assembly of building structures, industrial or construction equipment, in the field of car service, assumes a certain value of torque for a specific connection. The use of a torque wrench will help to avoid a number of problems and breakdowns, such as thread failure, prevent loose connections of components and components, mechanical breakage of bolts, or pinching and breakage of engravers.

It is known that any product, depending on the material from which it is made, has a certain tensile strength, and therefore limitations in the maximum force of its tightening. This threshold is usually indicated in the passport data of the equipment, as well as manufacturers specify the value of the recommended tightening force. The use of a torque wrench allows you to set the required response value on the tool and work without the risk of damage or equipment breakdown.

A best torque wrench can be set up in different ways, as a rule, these are minor differences that depend on the particular application or use of the tool, and different manufacturers can add special functionality to the key. The standard equipment of a torque wrench is a housing with a spring, an adjustment knob, a removable nozzle (mainly used ratchet), a pin-lock for the nozzle, and also a lock of the set response force and a measuring scale. The torque wrench assembly is naturally sold, that is, all elements are connected and the tool is ready for immediate use.

There are several classifications of torque wrenches, the main - according to the method of indication and on the external form.

The screwdriver torque wrenches are very compact and designed to work with fragile mechanisms and during repair / assembly of electrical equipment and appliances.

The most common type is manual torque wrenches, which are popular both among home craftsmen in the garage or private household, as well as among professionals in the workplace or in car repair shops.

There are also industrial torque wrenches. They, in turn, are used to work with production machines or on automated conveyor belts.