What does it mean to be “rich”?

As is the theme, we talk about frugality a fair bit on this blog. So what of the opposite end of the spectrum? What does it really mean to be “rich” in modern society? Is this something we should all aspire to?

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Why I switched to a manual lawn mower

Mrs Fox and I have finally bought our first house and with a great garden comes great responsibility. We’ve taken on the challenge to increase the local biodiversity and improve our own sustainability whilst decreasing our contribution to global climate change. A compost bin and a push powered lawn mower might just save the world.

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Google Stadia: The most frugal AAA gaming solution?

Yesterday saw the Stadia Connect event hosted by Google and with it came a big shake-up to the world of 4K HD gaming. The Stadia streaming service looks to be a serious contender against the likes of Microsoft and Sony. Could this new platform transform the way the world plays games? More importantly, can it provide the same level of entertainment for any difference in cost?

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