Cheap or frugal: Which are you?

Call me frugal and I’m a happy fox. Call me cheap and I’ll be very upset indeed! These two words seem very similar on the face of things, but boy oh boy you should not get these two confused.

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The entitlement complex

In the UK we have a serious problem with entitlement. No, this isn’t a “white-cis-gender based” rant, this is about the cancer that eats into modern, developed countries as their economies grow.

Our society has a serious problem with this phenomenon and we need to address it.

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Your smartphone is probably too expensive

I had an interesting yet brief discussion about phones the other day and it inspired me to write this piece.

The discussion between myself and a not-so-frugal revolved around an off hand comment I had made: “Most people do not even remotely need the capabilities of a flagship phone, yet happily spend hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds for the privilege of owning one”. Continue reading “Your smartphone is probably too expensive”