The Foxes are on tour!

We are pleased to announce that we have been asked to host a talk on minimalism and frugality! This was a surprise to us but comes as a big opportunity for us to get our voices heard and engage with others in a new way.

Talking Lifestyles: The Frugal Foxes is the title and link to the host’s site and ticket portal. If you’re in Leeds on the 29th of May and would like to put a face to our names, listen to what we have to say or just say hi then come check us out!

We’ll be hanging around after the talk to answer questions and chat to everyone, so see you there!


“You can’t frugal yourself to riches”: a few thoughts about this statement

This came from a rather interesting comment I read on a Personal Finance discussion page. It has lead me to think about what being frugal really means and if it is in fact possible to build wealth in this way.

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Comparison is NOT the thief of joy

There are two famous quotes I’d like to think about in today’s post, specifically “Keeping up with the Joneses” and “Comparison is the thief of joy”.

These two quotes may differ in their lexis but their meanings are very much entwined. Combining them will produce something along the lines of “Comparing yourself to your neighbours affluence is a bad idea; you’ll be trapped into an endless cycle of consumerism and not be any happier for it”.

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