Cheap or frugal: Which are you?

Call me frugal and I’m a happy fox. Call me cheap and I’ll be very upset indeed! These two words seem very similar on the face of things, but boy oh boy you should not get these two confused.

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Why do people hate free money? Get some in 2019!

I’ve noticed a very curious trend that I just cannot comprehend no matter how hard I try. I appreciate that in the UK we have a culture of secrecy around money and earnings, but why oh why do people not take free money when it is offered in abundance to them?

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An alternative approach to traditional asset allocation and risk tolerance

You may already be aware of the two major schools of thought relating to asset allocation (meaning your split of equity/fixed income within your portfolio); a fixed allocation and a so called ‘glidepath’ allocation. Having extensively read about both methods, I decided that neither of them were for suitable for me so I came up with something a little different based around a ‘Dynamic Asset Allocation’ model.

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The trouble that comes with mental accounting

Humans seem to require some semblance of structure in their lives to function well (er, most humans seem to anyways). As a species we tend to like categorising and counting things. For the individual, this tends to gives rise to mental accounting within their personal finances.

What is mental accounting? This is the phenomena whereby we give our individual £s objectives and goals; we even divide them up into neat little buckets.

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RESET: A book review

I’ve read many of the classic personal finance books that are thrown around in the FI arena, including Rich Dad Poor Dad and The Millionaire Next Door, so I’m well versed in the literature that’s currently available.

Recently, David Sawyer reached out and asked if I’d like to review his book ‘RESET…’ and I jumped at the chance.  The book has early retirement right in the title, so I was hooked already!

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How to invest in bonds: The Fox take on fixed income

A resource I find we lack here in the UK is a ‘Dummies guide to choosing bonds’ or something to that tune. Anyone can go ahead and Google ‘What is a bond?’ and learn exactly what bonds are, the way they work and the technical reasons why they are so often used as a risk dampener in portfolio construction.

But still, I find we lack any actual guidance on how to implement them in our individual investments. For a UK based investor, the more I began to ponder, the more my head began to hurt.

After a good year and a half of thinking about it all, here’s my personal opinion on the matter.

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You need to start taking your online security more seriously

In the modern digital age, good online security practices are paramount in protecting not only our assets but our identities. Best practice for keeping the baddies out of our accounts currently involves running two-factor authentication (2FA) alongside a strong, unique and near unbreakable password. But how can an individual such as yourself possibly be expected to do all that?

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