Who needs an “Emergency Fund” anyways?

In the world of personal finance no theme knocks louder than that of the coveted emergency fund. Heck, it even features in my own rhetoric on this very blog.

Yet, I’m still not convinced it is the best way to do things for long. It is, at best, a temporary fix and a better solution exists.

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Our Stocks and Shares ISA portfolio explained: What do we invest in and why?

One of the more interesting things we can evaluate in regards to investing are our approaches and reasonings. This will be a highly subjective piece (backed by logic and reasoning, but subjective nonetheless) and may or may not mesh with you. You and I are very likely to have different risk tolerances, time horizons and general investment philosophies.

Without further ado, let the breakdown commence.

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Living on a sub £30 weekly food budget

If there is ever a claim of mine that people love to refute, it is the fact that the Fox Household eat a balanced, varied and high quality diet by spending just £25 a week on average on food. This figure includes three square meals everyday (so breakfast, lunch and an evening meal) so there are no cheating ‘fast’ days in this.

To prove that this is very much possible, allow me show you what our last week of shopping really looked like.

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Pensions are NOT ‘just for old people’

Whenever I mention the word ‘pension’ to a peer of mine, I’ll be met with a mixture of recoil, apathy and most often a total disconnect in interest. Too often is the word pension associated with being old, grey and something to only think about when you’re middle-aged yourself.

The truth of the matter is that the sooner you start planning with regards to your pension, the sooner you can sit back, relax and bask in decades of compounded growth.

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