If you’d like a switch code for opening a Nationwide current account, please drop me a message including some contact information (an email address you check weekly would be fine). I will get in touch as I will need some information from you, but we will both be gifted £100 by Nationwide when the switch is complete, so it is well worth the minimal effort!

If you’d like to sign up to Prolific, one of my favourite side hustles, use my referral link here.

If you fancy trying out a simple yet highly secure password manager, look no further than Bitwarden. It integrates into your web browser, has a standalone website and a fingerprint secured phone app too. It has two tiers of service, free or $10 a year, but I find the free service has more than enough functionality for my needs! You can share selected information with another user too – perfect for securing your joint accounts with strong, shared passwords.

Finally, check out if you’d like to see some other blogs relating to the things we ramble about!