Interview with the Minimalist

A quick post today but an interesting one nonetheless.

Mrs Fox has featured on another blog in a short interview about minimalism! Take a read of what she had to say on the topic here:


Who wants FREE STUFF?!

Who likes free stuff? I know I certainly do! I mean, why would you pay for something that you could get for free? A good freebie makes me positively giddy! So much so, that I’ve created an Instagram account dedicated to the free stuff that we get (@foxfreebz).

I’ve compiled a list of some of my best tips/tricks for those of you in the UK!

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Minimalism, by an ex-hoarder (Part 2)

So, what is minimalism and what does a minimalist look like?

Well, the truth is: minimalism can look and mean something different depending on who you ask.

To me, minimalism is not a tool to deprive us of material things – it is a mindset; a practice that gives us freedom from material objects and the trap of consumerism.

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Minimalism, by an ex-hoarder (Part 1)

Okay, so I have a confession… I used to be a hoarder.

In this mini series, I want to share with you my journey into minimalism. It hasn’t been an easy road but minimalism has completely changed my (and our) lives. It has boosted our happiness levels, helped us manage our time more effectively and has allowed us to save more money than we’d ever have thought possible – without compromise!

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