The Frugal Foxes: Who are we, what are we talking about and why should you care?


First off, introductions and a little bit of background. Who are we?

We are Mr and Mrs* Fox. We are a young-ish couple (she is 23 and I am 24) from the UK. We’ve been a couple since the beginning of 2015 and plan to tie the knot in early 2019. We live together and have done so for the past three years. We are both fairly fresh out of university and have began to settle into full-time employment, both earning less than the average UK salary of £27k. Our major life goals are to get married, to buy a house to live in together and begin to plan for an early retirement – more or less in that order.

Second on the agenda for today; What are we blogging about?

Our main topics of interest follow the theme of our namesake, frugality and cutting down the cost of living.

Everyday, as a whole, we are bombarded with so many advertisements that we have actually began to falsify our wants and needs within our minds. We think that it’s time to change that. It’s time to take back control of our brains, to demystify those fictional desires and enjoy being humans again. Now don’t get us wrong, we certainly don’t expect to change the world, but we want to show you how to play the game in a different way.  We hope that this blog can serve as your guide to seeing through the world that lays in front of you and finding the truth that lies just behind it. By listening to our methods and our way of thinking, we hope to point you down a track that you never realised was even there to begin with.

Ultimately, this blog is going to be a joint venture, with pieces by myself, by Mrs Fox and by the both of us. We will categorise our posts, so if there is a specific person’s content you’d like to read, simply filter by Mr or Mrs. Generally speaking, I’m going to be more focussed on the finances and the numbers, whereas she will be more focussed on the day-to-day.

Finally, why should you care what we have to say?

Ah, experience, the one thing every job wants you to have. For the first time as a millennial, I think we can actually both say we are qualified to shout  “Yes, we do have enough experience here!”.

Over the course of the past few years, we have really began to re-evaluate our lives and ask some seriously deep questions of ourselves about consumerism and frugality as a whole. As children who grew up with a whole lot of nothing, we both severely lacked any form of financial savvy- money came in and money came out. Sometimes more out than in. Money was a magical thing, it bought toys, new games and tasty food. When there was enough of it, everything was rosy. But when it ran low or ran out, shit really did hit the fan. As broke students we continued the trend, spend everything because who knows when you’d get more…

As a pair that have lived through poverty and began to pull ourselves out of it now, we understand the mentality and the mindset. We understand how it feels to have to choose between new shoes or a meal. Ironically, this is our secret weapon that we hope to bestow upon you.

We want to bring you on our journey as we hopefully build wealth, grow our net worth and look to actually retire early. Whether or not we make it, who knows, but it’s the ride that is important. We are both entirely self-taught in this regard, we have no formal financial education between us; we are just normal people who did some extra research and added our own life-experience into the mix. We shall offer our opinions and we hope to hear from you all too.

This will stand as a testimony that it can be done by people from a disadvantaged, poor, working class background.

Welcome to The Frugal Foxes blog.

*I have confidence enough that we will go through with the whole marriage thing, so we may as well start out as we mean to go on!



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